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The Penis & Masculinity Panel

  • The Fitzrovia Gallery 139 Whitfield Street London, England, W1T 5EN United Kingdom (map)

Now Cuaration are collaborating with sex+ to bring you 'The Penis & Masculinity Panel' as part of 'The Penis Parade', a week-long celebration of penises and penis-inspired art and creativity. The panel of experts will be unpicking the following topics followed by a Q&A section:

- Penises and body shame

- The relationship between penises and gender

- The role of penises in sexuality and sexual violence

- The connection between penises and toxic masculinity and how to disrupt this

- What people of all genders can do to support penis-owners

- The role of porn in the expectations around sex and penises

- How to use creativity as a tool to rebuild the narratives around penises


Kim Loliya (Chair)

Kim Loliya is a coach, educator and consultant specialising in women’s sexuality, pleasure and empowerment. Kim's practitioner work at The Pleasure Institute includes working with trauma, consent, shame, relationship difficulties and much more. Through body-based, practical tools, Kim creates a gentle healing space for singles and couples and offers new avenues for intimacy, joy and transformation. Outside of her clinic, Kim works as a speaker, facilitator and curator in the U.K and internationally and is the editor of sex+, a sex positive magazine that shares real stories and rewrites narratives about sex and sexuality.

Tanaka Mhishi

Tanaka Mhishi is a writer, performer and researcher. His work has been produced on screen for BBC 3 and on stages nationwide, including the OFFIE nominated Boys Don’t which he co-wrote and performed in in partnership with Papertale and the Half Moon Theatre. He is poet in residence for the Consent Collective, a part-time Creative Writing lecturer at the University of Brighton and works with media organisations on issues surrounding sexual violence, masculinity and consent.

Dani Singer

Dani is a trans non-binary activist with a Masters specialising in Queer Performing Arts. They contribute regularly to promoting holistic sexual health for trans and queer people (Huffington Post May 2019) and have actively campaigned with ACT UP London for many years. They are a member of the Pride in London Community Advisory Board, and can often be found creating original performance art across East London.

Hello Rooster

“Hello Rooster” is an Intersectional Feminist. A non binary performer of colour, currently training as an “intimacy coordinator”. A cinematographer, Educator + Panellist on Consent & Ethics ★ A Feminist Porn Awards winner ★
~ After being sexually assaulted on a Feminist Porn set, they advocate for better working conditions and practices. They worked as a consultant and co-author in creating the “Guidelines to creating Ethical Porn” + “Model Bill of Rights” for Erika Lust Films.

PRICE - £14.21